Christopher House Services

The highly qualified staff and professional accommodations at CRH Christopher House provide the following care for our residents:

  • Help arrange social, recreational, and religious outings within the community and the Boarding Care Home.
  • Food and Diet - Three meals are provided per day, plus nutritious snacks. Prescribed general low sodium diets, general diabetic diets, and mechanical soft diets are also provided.
  • Arranging Health Care Appointments - Appointments are made and residents are given reminders, as necessary.
  • Coordinating Health Care Services - Coordinate services residents receive from health care providers in the community with the services provided in the home.
  • Laundry - keeps clothes clean and in good repair. Residents are provided with clean towels, washcloths and bed linens at least once per week.
  • Housekeeping - All living quarters and other areas residents may use are monitored closely, kept clean and in comfortable condition.

Services and activities offered at Christopher House